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Hi y'all. I'm Lucas Ho, a 2nd year undergrad majoring in English Literature. This module is already whetting my appetite, in terms of non-linear narratives and gameplay. I've got a few ideas swimming in my head, but i'll sort them out first and then post later. Yes, I am also real chuffed to find a mix of seniors and freshies in this class. Hope to get to know each one of you. Till then, hang tight, enjoy the first week of school, and I'll see you all on Thursday!

About me

  • I'm lucasho
  • From Singapore, Singapore
  • slow down, hold still
    every crooked line of this sad city.
    down by the river; we'll play awhile,
    looking for that elusive goldmine;
    maybe i'm a little weak to dance.

    it's a beautiful piece of heartache...
    yeah, we're gonna be alright.
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